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Denice Duszynski

I'm live in NY, where I'm a mom of 3 and my youngest is 19 and is still living here part time. My oldest son is 35 with 2 daughters and my middle child is 33 and she is recently married. I'm currently co authoring a book - Empowered Women in Social Media, just spoke at a conference in Las Vegas and helping people lose weight how to make money helping people with their health and wellness, looking good on the inside and out.

Obesity is a substantial public health crisis in the United States and in the rest of the industrialized world. The prevalence is increasing rapidly in numerous industrialized nations worldwide. This growing rate represents a pandemic that needs urgent attention if obesity’s potential toll on morbidity, mortality, and economics is to be avoided. Research into the complex...

It’s REWARDING to help people who live with Chronic Pain, Disorders, Disease and/or Conditions. Our fiber supplement serves as so much more than weight loss. This super detox on a cellular level is helping people who just want to shed pounds to become healthier or who suffer from diseases and disorders such as Cancer, Thyroid, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Hypertension,...

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