Don’t Overeat and Feel Like the Stuff Turkey on Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 20 2014 - 9:02pm by Denice Duszynski

Break the cycle this holiday season. Enjoy Thanksgiving but don’t overindulge; head into the New Year feeling confident, slimmer and in control.

happy thanksgiving peanutsOvereating and feeling like the stuff turkey on Thanksgiving happens to all of us, but it doesn’t have to this year. Enjoy Weight Watcher Recipes because average person will eat about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day! With so many delicious foods and the excitement of the holiday it is easy to get carried away and over eat. But with a few portion control tips, you can eat less and teach your children to eat sensibly, even during the holidays.

For some of us, Thanksgiving is a simple turkey dinner and a time to give thanks. But for many, it’s an eating orgy and a six-week countdown to the same lose-weight-and-get-back-in-shape New Year’s resolution that we make year after year…after year.


healthy tip dehydration cause hungerTips to stay on Track

Accept that this is a day of indulgence. While you may be on a diet or watching your food intake, bringing any sense of deprivation into the day may cause you to overeat out of sheer rebelliousness against “missing out”. Cut yourself a little slack and let yourself enjoy more food than usual on this special day. After all, the next day things can go back to normal.

Tell yourself you are going to pick out 3 of your favorite foods to be the spotlight on your plate. Focus on the foods you really love. Savor. Consider whether you really enjoy filler foods like rolls, things you can get all year.  Stick to what you know you love.


Take small amounts when serving yourself. Take one small piece or scoop of everything that you enjoy to begin with. Remind yourself that you can always take seconds! This approach is considerate of the need to avoid waste.


Take small bites and chew everything well. This relates back to the previous step––as you bite, savor the things that you noticed about the food when you took time to assess, such as texture and taste. Also, small bites and slow chewing aids digestion, as enzymes in the mouth begin to break down the food for you.


Using a smaller plate can also fool your eye into thinking that you have more on the plate. This is a traditional dieter’s trick. portion control plate

Chat with others. You’re more likely to realize that you’re full before you feel sick if you talk, rather than shovel food into your mouth non-stop! During the meal, make an effort to engage others in conversation in between bites. This shouldn’t be too hard if family members you haven’t seen for a while turn up with news of the events in their lives.

Avoid wolfing down your food. Eat slowly and savor the food you’re consuming. If you finish everything on your plate, wait a minute. You can tell a story to everyone else, or just sit back and relax.

Mindless Triggers: It’s likely that you can pinpoint some of your most common mindless eating triggers. Do you tend to pick mindlessly at food when it is sitting directly in front of you? Does eating next to an annoying relative lead you to stress eat? Make a list of things that sabotage your mindful eating and strategize around how to address them. For example, pick your favorite person to sit next to and grab the seat. If you tend to pick at food, commit to passing food out of arm’s reach as soon as you sit down.  

Have Fun After the Feast

Soon after the evening begins, organize some kind of fun group activity. You could all go for a walk in the neighborhood. You could play a game of cards. Or maybe you could all sing karaoke to your favorite tunes. Just find an activity that appeals to most guests. You’ll then get excited about your big game or walk or whatever and then you become less interested in pigging out on pie and potato.

>Think small – serve in smaller serving dishes to encourage smaller portions

>Use smaller plates and bowls to help portion control

>Plan for leftovers to reduce the chance of over-eating- you’ll save time on future meal preparation too!

>Make a low fat vegetable based soup as a starter

>Limit starches such as potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, instead fill your plate with more vegetables

>Drink plenty of water.

>Avoid seconds. If you can’t resist the second helping, focus on refilling your plate with vegetables and other lower calorie choices

>Enjoy desserts however, slice your pie into 16 slices and use nonfat whipped cream.

>Use small plates or tea cups to reduce portion size when serving the desserts

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Here’s some traditional go to recipes that have been slimmed down and lightened up. Just click on the link. Many are Weight Watchers, but you can use the calorie counting method or low carb.  Enjoy

Maple Spice Carrots

Dinner Rolls

Slow Cooked Turkey

Turkey Gravy

Green Bean Cassarole

Use these tips to help you lighten up any recipe.

Make your mashed potatoes creamy with naturally lowfat buttermilk instead of butter

Pour your turkey pan drippings into a large glass bowl (or you can use a gravy/fat separator) and allow them to sit for 5 minutes so you can skim off a layer of fat. Use some of the fat in your gravy, not all

Slim down your pie by making a light cookie-crumb layer or nut crust instead of a traditional pie crust

Leave off the top (or bottom) crust instead of using both. Or forget all about the crusts and bake your pie filling in small ramekins for mini soufflés instead

Use whole-wheat bread, not white, for stuffing to increase the fiber and decrease the PointsPlus values (not to mention upping its vitamin and mineral profile)


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