How would you Lme and molli workingOVE to work from home and create a business you love that does not feel like work? You work in your yoga pants, create your own schedule, learn from the best with personal 1×1 mentorship and create a business that works for you when you aren’t using social media, along with a fast growing income?            

Do you dread that feeling of having to go to work on Monday? The commute, time away from kids, putting them into childcare, the entire all day daily grind, not to mention the costs of childcare and commuting. Maybe you work part time, but it just doesn’t seem worth it and honestly you are bored with what you are doing.exercise by the pool YOU NEED THE SPARK BACK!! Something to look forward to daily. Something FUN that creates an income parallel to your life as it is, but a more fulfilled life too. Maybe you want to leave your job completely, maybe you just need extra income, maybe you just want a full on life make-over.   I will be in touch with you within 24 hours and we can see if this is going to be a great fit to help you reach your health, fitness and financial goals! apply here

Have you always DREAMED OF..

  • Being your own boss?
  • Owning your own schedule?
  • Work hard and play harder?
  • Being at home with your kids and your family.
  • Not having to ask for time off for vacations.
  • Being able to actually save money and pay down debts.
  • Being able to not have to worry about living pay check to pay check.
  • Do you have an interest or a passion for fitness and health?
  • Would you like to work on your fitness goals while learning how to be an online fitness coach, helping others on their path to greater health and fitness too?
  • ARE on the journey and inviting others to join them. Its very simple and fun!
  • Do you want to truly just own your life and live FREE, but still being able to work from home or anywhere you choose as a business owner? But you just aren’t sure where to start?

I have been able to kick corporate america to the curb once and for all and never have to work for anyone ever again.**I AM Looking for TEN Awesome People To Mentor & Work With In February As Online Fitness Coaches **I am mentoring 10 special people who are GO GETTERS…people who are truly looking for more and ready to take it on! I will teach you how to build a successful health & fitness business as online fitness coach from home, using social media, and starting to work on your fitness journey – just like I did and now earning over $2k+ per month after in my first 4 months, and having the time of my life while working my business around my families schedule and being home and available for my kids 24/7! That’s me and hubby on the bottom row!

Have I told you how THE SECRET PLAN  has completely changed my life? Not just my health and fitness, but the entire financial landscape of my life! A little less than 4 years ago I was a stay at home mom who was previously laid off from corporate america and truly done with someone else dictating my schedule and my life! I always was looking for something to cover my retirement. I wanted to earn an income, but I didn’t know how to do that from home. Then this amazing literally fell into my lap as an opportunity for something I could really get behind after I saw the vision of it all from being in an online fitness group and that group changing my health and my life.

I LOVED the environment and helping people and it was so simple to run these online fitness groups, I could see myself helping others, help myself, never have to leave my home and did it all around my kids schedule.In corporate america I worked 60 hours weeks for only a few weeks vacation, no bonuses or pay increases that could change my life significantly and I was always at the mercy of what someone else felt my value was. I was even stressed to take a sick day when my kids were sick. I was OVER IT!! I felt no freedom. I got laid off and thank goodness for that time in my life, as it forced me to look outside of the norm and get creative with HOW I could be one of those work at home moms!