Stomach Fat Very Dangerous

Posted on Sep 27 2014 - 8:29pm by Denice Duszynski

Stomach fat is very dangerous. It literally encases your organs in fat and your organs and your body need to all work harder to get the same result.
Losing even 4 pounds of belly fat will have a significant impact on your health and your longevity.

Angry at your scale? Toss it aside. Have you ever heard of waist to hip ratio? Research shows that people who are “apple” shaped (carrying more weight around the waist) face more health risks versus people who are more “pear” shaped (more weight around the hips). Visceral fat (which is found around the waist) is dangerous. Women with a waist circumference higher than 35 inches and men more than 40 inches have a dangerous level of visceral fat.
Time to measure and calculate! Simply measure your waist at the smallest part (usually right above the belly button) then measure your hips (at the widest part). Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement. What did you come up with?
For women, it is healthier to be below .85 and for men below .90

stomach fatYou don’t have to do anything else, No special diet, just eating healthy and drink water, No special food to prepare, you can eat what your family eats, you just eat less. How easy is that?

On the other hand, if clean eating, more vegetables and fruits plus becoming more fit is your goal, then you can do that with Juice Plus, too.

You will be glad you did!!

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