The Water Cooler Effect

Posted on Jul 20 2014 - 2:20pm by Denice Duszynski

The Water Cooler Effect

Most can agree the reason we turned to marketing is to escape the mundane boring routines that kill excitement.

water coolerWhen I worked in call centers, they were all the same.Same walls, same duties, same attitudes, same pissed off customers…. It’s no surprise the water cooler and break rooms were our escape from reality, even if only for that short 15 minute break. 

I would shoot up from my desk before the last call ended as if to sprint to the breakroom and I’d walk as sloooooooow as I could dragging ass going back.

Turn your facebook wall and inbox into the place to be. Be the escape from the marketing reality full of “my company is better than yours” and “Let me tell you what this newbie did wrong so we can all laugh” that we hear all day…. and turn it into fun, laughs and really connecting with people…. THAT is where the magic happens and what so few implement.

Talk to people. That’s what works.

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