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We have many people taking skinny fiber while breastfeeding. Its perfectly safe, yet I encourage you to still print off and take the label and ingredients list to your doctor if your not sure. It is a 100% natural product, but you MAY have an allergy to a plant that might not know about.

My friend Hannah is a skinny fiber taker and also a breastfeeding mother. Here is what she has to say:

“My doctor is a huge breastfeeding advocate. My doctor told me that adding skinny fiber COULD cause some gas in baby, but it hasn’t and I have been taking it for 13 weeks now. I have not had any side effects and none in my son (6 months old) either. Best decision I have EVER made! My milk supply is better now than it was when I was taking Fenugreek and Alfalfa 4x a day! I have to pump milk on top of feeding him.

I have lost 10 pounds, many many inches and I still eat like I am supposed to. 3 meals a day, snacks in between meals, water water water. I just don’t snack like crazy and I am able to control my calorie and food intake.

Skinny Fiber is not a diet program, this is a way to alter your eating habits and make better decisions, it’s correcting the way your body works. Gives your body what it needs to start working and discarding the fat and toxins that you put in your body on an every day basis without even realizing it! I have had way more energy than I expected to have, I am sleeping better, in a better mood all around. I exercised like crazy before starting SF and my body just hung on to that extra weight!”

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    How can I get a copy of the label to show my doctor

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