Important Information from a Parent of a Child with ADHD

Important Information from a parent of a child with ADHD

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD by a doctor. . . We don’t have him on meds; just changing the foods he eats. Number one was dyes, most specifically Red 40.
We found out that apparently, we were feeding him Red 40 for breakfast with his chewable Vitamin C! (GRRR!) We’ve seen a difference since taking that one dye out! With that, the other dyes will follow, along with sugars. (HFCS is a rarity). It’s a lot of work, but worth it!

We found dye in so much! But many companies are making alternates of their food without the dyes….GoGurt now has a GoGurt Simple (he doesn’t like it anyway), and there’s a brand of breakfast/snack bars that competes with Nutrigrain…but DYE FREE! (and preservative free).

I have also noticed a difference in my older son, my 10 year old (my SPD/ADHD boy is eight years) suffers from occasional depression and we’ve noticed a big difference in removing the Red 40 from our house!” ~ Christina Armstrong

This was posted on a comment in a thread about ADHD last night. Wanted to share with everyone — because it’s SO important to know what just ONE little FAKE-FOOD ingredient can do! — And there are SO many others and the majority of people are eating them the majority of the time causing countless dis-eases. — Please, please educate yourself and at the very least follow my #1 Eating-for-Health Guideline: If it’s not food, don’t eat it! — and take these fake-foods out of your diet.

It’s so easy to make the transition to natural-brand processed foods that don’t contain these harmful ingredients — and of course, even better if you can go for the whole, fresh, natural foods MOST of the time.”

Thank you for sharing, Christina!

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